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Hi everyone! Bedyra makes a short and simple point in our last journal! WE ARE NOT DEAD! However, I would like to expand on this a bit.

The reason we did not have an Anime North video like last year is because even though all the members went to the convention, we were not together a good majority of the time. It was a big con and we each wanted to do our own thing. I myself spent as much time as possible with my lovely girlfriend, Eris. Plus, a good majority of the time, we were too distracted to actually take pictures or video updates. We will make sure to set off timers for when it comes to our next convention. For Bedyra, Eris and I, this will be FanExpo (possibly). If you want to see us at Anime North, we found the full video of a panel in which we asked questions. Alset and Eris can be found from 5:44 to 7:49. Bedyra is 7:53. Blood will be later on in the video (too lazy and in a rush)

As for June, we were too caught up with our exams to actually put something together. We were able to film for a day. Unfortunately, in our last few clips, our lighting was so awful I can't even fix it with editing. So, the CMV Ballad Of Mona Lisa will be posted on a later date.

Within this weekend, our Sayaka's Secret Bloopers will finally be posted. Sorry for the tardiness on everything.

Another reason why the group has failed to actually do stuff is because at this time, Olympic Sun Productions is home from college and has asked myself to join her in a few productions. These are the results. 

Another exciting news article for Alset fans. I have officially made my own Facebook fanpage! All will be up and running on Monday and unless I am in a world with no WiFi, I promise to post one new update per day. So far, my ideas include
~Motivational Monday
~WIP Wedenesday
~Future Cosplay Friday
~Some Collabarations (Probably Tuesday)
~Some Thoughts on Anything! Cosplay in general, good partners, etc. (Probably Thrusday)
~Updates with The Group

Heres the link

Hope you consider liking for a more in depth look on my uplifting self

Well, I believe that's all for now! Can't wait to check in again!



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The Fort Erie Project: Cosplay
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Hello, we are (as you see) The Fort Erie Project: Cosplay. Fort Erie is a small reigon of the Niagara area. As small as it is, there ARE anime and manga fans! We have three main members of the group; and will hopefully have some guest appearances, who are also from Fort Erie or the Niagara Reigon. We currently cosplay Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Buter. Indivisuals in the group also cosplay Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, VOCALOID,and Inuyasha. If we are going to be cosplaying more series, or if there is a convention we (or some of us) are going to, OR if we have an update what so ever, it'll be posted as a journal entry. With the school year coming up, we arn't techinacly sure when we'll get started on photos; but anytime on weekends we might be filming a sketch, lip-sync or maybe even a dance! Be on the look for a YouTube channel coming soon. Either than that, we hope you enjoy your visit on our (work in progress) DeviantArt page.

List of characters cosplaying/planning to cosplay:


~Italy (Chibitalia, Regular, Fem!; From Axis Powers Hetalia)
~England (Fem!Anything! XDD Mainly Regular, Pirate, Maybe Punk and Maybe 2P; From Nyotalia/Fem!Hetalia)
~Stocking Anarchy (Regular, Angel; From Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)
~Renge (From Ouran High School Host Club)
~Alois Trancy (Regular, Witch, Wonderland; From Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji II)
~Patricia Thompson (From Soul Eater)
~Kagamine Rin (Daughter of Evil; From The Vocaloid Franchise)
~Starfire (From Teen Titans)

~Yui Komori (from Diabloik Lovers)
~Rainbow Dash (from My Little Pony)
~Madoka Kaname (From Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
~Misaki (Junjou Romantica)
~Grell Sutcliff (From Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)
~Ciel Phantomhive (Regular, Demon; From Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)
~France (From Axis Powers Hetalia)
~America (FEM! Regular ;From Nyotalia)
~Nagito Komaeda (From; Super Dangan Ronpa 2)
~Romano (Chibi From Axis Powers Hetalia)
~Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)
~ Hatsune Miku (Carterella and Madness of Duke Venomania; Vocaloid)
~Kaito (Vocaloid)

~Kagome (From Inuyasha)
~Yuki (An Ouran High School Host Club OC; Nekozawa's Girlfriend)
~Mey-Rin (From Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)
~Hannah Annafellows (From Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji II)
~Seychelles (From Hetalia)
~Belarus (From Hetalia)

~ AsT :iconrainbowheartplz:

Our Youtube Channel:…
Our Email:

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